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Wednesday, 19 Oct 2016

NEC India Turns 10

A decade ago, on 1st August 2006, NEC Corporation established their roots in India – with the birth of NEC India. Today we celebrate NEC India’s first decade as a company. Our success story spans not only ten years but also reiterates our commitment towards better products, better services, passion for innovation, etc.

Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015

A Sneak Peak Into NEC's Public Safety Vision

The modern society is facing a variety of challenges, unsustainable growth being probably the biggest among them. If the world's population continues to grow and concentrate into urban areas, the current social infrastructure will no longer be able to support people's daily lives.

Retail Technologies
Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015

Retail Technologies That You Experience Every Day

We live in an age that's ruled by technology. From the moment we wake up to the time we go back to bed, technology is present in every facet of our lives.

Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015

Why Your Business Needs Unified Communication Solutions

At the heart of any good business – be it a medium sized or a large corporation spread across several countries – lies a robust communication system.

Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015

Why You Need Disaster Recovery Software for Virtualized Environment

Virtualization has (arguably) been one of the biggest breakthroughs in Information Technology in the last decade or so.

Smart Cities
Tuesday, 29 Sep 2015

Shaping India's Future

Mahatma Gandhi was asked in 1946 to describe the independent India he wished to see. He said he wanted "not a pyramid but an oceanic circle" of complete equality.