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Unlocking the Digital Future of India's Islands: NEC India's Pioneering Subsea Cable Expertise

In the vast and diverse landscape of India, where the pulse of modernization beats alongside the echoes of tradition, the power of digital connectivity emerges as a transformative force. As bustling urban centers thrive in the digital age, the nation is witnessing a monumental shift towards universal access to high-speed internet and the countless opportunities it brings. This is the story of how digital connectivity, a fundamental driver of modern progress, is now reaching every corner of India under the visionary mission of Digital Bharat.

Among the several picturesque, yet remote islands in the Indian subcontinent, the Lakshadweep Islands hold a special place. Located in the Arabian Sea, these islands are known for their natural beauty. However, for many years, the residents of these islands grappled with the digital divide, disconnected from the vast sea of online information and opportunities. The lack of a robust and high-speed communication infrastructure hindered the islanders' access to essential services, education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. The isolation imposed by inadequate connectivity also posed challenges in implementing e-governance initiatives and hampered socio-economic development. Tourism potential remained untapped due to the limited means of communication, preventing the region from capitalizing on its natural beauty and cultural richness.

NEC India's role in this mission unfolds with the implementation of the Kochi Lakshadweep Islands (KLI) Submarine Cable System. This project interconnects the bustling city of Kochi in Kerala with 11 Lakshadweep Islands, including Agatti, Androth, Amini, Bangaram, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kavaratti, Kiltan, Kalpeni, and Minicoy. This is a project that not only symbolizes the power of technology but also epitomizes the values of inclusivity and empowerment.

In an age where digital connectivity is the lifeblood of economic growth, education, and social well-being - something urban dwellers take for granted, - this project is not just transformative in terms of its technical brilliance, but also in terms of the fact that it fulfills what has become a basic human need today. The impact of this project is profound. It provides the islanders, a window to the rest of the world, enriching their lives, and making it easier in many ways. This intervention acts as a catalyst for transformative changes. The establishment of this digital bridge to the mainland not only unlocks opportunities for economic growth but also enhances advancements in education, trade, communication, tourism, digital healthcare, agriculture, and fisheries. 

What sets this project apart is not only its ambition and intent, but also its execution. Stretching across approximately 1,868 kilometers, this submarine optical cable system is designed to provide high-speed internet to the Lakshadweep Islands. NEC India played a crucial role in this success, contributing technical expertise and manufacturing support. The system offers an initial capacity of 2 x 100 Gbps, expandable up to 1,600 Gbps per fiber pair.

NEC India was awarded this project by BSNL in September 2021, which was completed ahead of its schedule in June 2023. The early completion aligns with the Digital India vision, promising a brighter future for Lakshadweep residents. 

The project not only brings high-speed internet to the Lakshadweep islands but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing India's coastal security. With high-speed internet and advanced communication capabilities, real time monitoring and information exchange become more efficient, contributing to the safeguarding of the nation's coastal areas, including the Lakshadweep Islands.
As the Lakshadweep Islands set sail on a new digital journey, NEC India is not just laying down cables but also weaving together the dreams and aspirations of the people. India's expertise in subsea cables isn't just connecting islands; it's connecting lives and paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive digital future for all of India.