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Powering Performance with Innovative Display Solutions

NEC, a trusted brand, across verticals, has always delivered beyond customer's expectations. NEC India’s Display BU has a wide range of solutions to cater to the display needs, be it indoor / outdoor across verticals like Retail, BFSI, Enterprise, Manufacturing, and many more. Our customer’s use cases range from single stand-alone indoor / outdoor digital signages to multiple large video walls, from outdoor welcome displays to meeting room collaboration displays, from standard displays to professional LFDs, from simple projections to custom installation projections, from edge-blending to cinematic. To cater to the varied needs of the customers, NEC India Display BU has a portfolio of display solutions. 
E Series
The 55" NEC E558, a direct-lit, commercial-grade display, is ideal for education, corporate and other digital signage applications. This model's 4K UHD resolution and LED direct backlighting allow for higher visual acuity, reduced power consumption and localized dimming that gives a higher dynamic contrast ratio. The E558 has an integrated ATSC/NTSC tuner and dual 10W speakers that allow users to enjoy high-definition broadcast capabilities. This display also features a USB player in which video, audio or JPEG picture files can be loaded and played in sequence for digital signage purposes.

ME Series 
Create pixel-perfect imagery at a cost-conscious price point with the new fully commercial NEC ME551 large format display. Focussed on customer needs, maintaining expected NEC quality, the ME series gives customers a reliable mainstream digital signage display that can support both landscape and portrait orientations while also allowing customers the modularity possibilities to customize their needs dependent on their application and use.

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M Series
The NEC M series boasts 500 cd/m² brightness, which is ideal for a majority of digital signage applications in corporate, higher education, restaurant, retail and grocery store environments when the focus should be on the message, not the budget. The NEC M551 is the favourite of all of this series.

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P series 
A professional-grade LCD display is ideal for even the most demanding digital signage applications. The superior full HD 55" NEC P555, boasts an industrial-strength design, 120 Hz refresh rate for amazingly crisp image and text views, the broadest connectivity, widest display control and the Enhanced Digital Signage Technology Suite, which touts more than 30 advanced features. This display has a stunning visual impact on environments such as quick-service restaurants, airports, healthcare and retail.

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UN Series
NEC's UN552S, 55” model sets the standard for quality colour reproduction in video wall environments. This new generation of display also received a full chassis upgrade with faster processing times, evolved daisy chain performance, and new Tile Matrixing capabilities. Brand new panel technology minimizes the bezel gap of this display, allowing for a <1.0 mm distance between adjacent displays with a 0.44mm even and near bezel-less design per unit.

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DvLED – FE series
DvLED NEC’s FE series is a fine pitch LED display for indoor use. These large, powerful displays form a seamless multi-screen configuration to provide accurate indoor visibility, delivering signage that attracts people’s eyes. Built with a 3-in-1 SMD type with a wide viewing angle in 16:9 aspect ratio for easy configuration, it is best-in-class.

Projectors – PA series
NEC Projectors have established themselves as one of finest world-class projectors, winning customers across the globe.
Unique to NEC, filter-free LCD technology means there is no need to change filters or replace bulbs. Already established as a world-class projector solution due to its low total cost of ownership and low-maintenance design, the NEC PA Series can run up to 20,000 hours without requiring any outside service.
Combining vibrant 3-LCD colour performance with a low total cost of ownership, the next generation of laser projectors, the PA804UL and PA1004UL, means that meeting rooms, classrooms, lecture halls and museums can now experience the benefits of a silent projector that displays striking imagery.

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