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Smart Parking System

NEC’s smart parking system helps to improve the consumer’s parking experience using technology such as real time monitoring  with data analysis, reports, filters, smart alerts and inspection tools.

NEC Smart parking to improve the consumer's parking experience using smart technology

NEC Application Dashboard enables parking operator/management to control and monitor parking with data analysis, reports, filters, smart alerts and inspection tools.

Supported use case

  • a)
    Short Term Parking
  • b)
    Contract Parking
  • c)
    Offline mode of operations in case of network failure
  • d)
    Monitoring the real-time status of the hardware devices
  • e)
    Online Tariff Engine Integration
  • f)
    Offline Tariff Engine Integration
  • g)
    Remote support and troubleshooting

Access methods

  • a)
    RFID/NFC based access
  • b)
    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based access
  • c)
    License Plate Recognition (LPR) based access
  • d)
    QR code, Reverse QR Code and Barcode Access
  • e)
    Hardware such as – Sensors, Boom barrier, Loop Detector, Self-Kiosk, Handheld Ticketing Machine and Variable Message Signs

Operator App (Android based Handheld Ticketing System) & Consumer Interfaces (Android, iOS based Consumer application)

Consumer Apps will allow users to:

  1. Search
  2. Navigate
  3. Check availability (Bay-Sensor status for on-street and off-street)
  4. Pre-Book
  5. Pay online (Pre-paid Post-paid parking)
  6. Enforcement System

Value added services such as car wash, maintenance, electric charging point etc. can be requested via consumer application to allow operators to prepare in advance.