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EV Charging System

NEC’s EV charging system helps the operators in user identification, revenue collection, customer experience which helps in service operations.

NEC is in charge from equipment installation to service operation.

NEC support NCS which is Joint venture, NCS service have share 70% in japan


User identification, Payment

  • NEC enables Authentication and billing by utilizing electronic money and members card and credit card.
  • Remote monitoring

EV charger map service

  • Provide info of charger location and availability (Occupied or Not)
  • Delivery info to car-navi/mobile

Revenue collection - Multimodal payment Multi media, multi Wallets
Service Management - Operator Portal,  Service Provider Portal
Service planning -  Demand Prediction, Personalized Analysis
Customer experience - Ground proven Easy to use Interface, User portal
EAM tools - Map based Asset management, Device Management.
SLA - Asset Monitoring, Predictive Alerts