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Cloud Computing Solutions

NEC cloud strategy refers to two businesses in the following three target markets, "enterprise," "carrier" and "social infrastructure. One type of business is the "cloud service business" that NEC offers a variety of cloud services to customers. The other one is the "cloud environment building business" which supports customers for building systems using cloud computing.

Since NEC is one of the largest cloud computing solutions providers, it aims to create and provide cloud solutions and services that contribute not only to the field of IT and Networks but also societal, individual and corporate activities.

  • Reliable support for enterprise mission-critical systems and social infrastructure systems
  • Total performance and operability through the integration of IT and Network
  • Realization of linkage with the real world by focusing on sensors and input/ output devices/ terminals
  • Energy-saving Green Cloud (Data Center)

NEC's Strength

  • Consultation capabilities
  • Effective collaboration of IT/ Network/ applications/ devices/ marketing solutions
  • Relationship of trust with our clients
  • Experiences and knowledge in legal/ financial/ intellectual property matters
  • Track record in constructing mission critical systems
  • Experiences with various business categories