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Carrier Cloud

Building Cloud

Cloud is not about platforms, it’s about people, services and solutions. While SaaS services will run on a "Platform as a Service" (PaaS), other solutions like digital signage, desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Connected Home need much more than PaaS, they need servers, devices and a new business model. On the telecoms infrastructure side, we have many industry standards and blueprints on which to build a network, but IT oriented services are driven more by the carrier and their customers. So when NEC works with customers on Carrier Cloud, we design the service together; including the business model, service roadmap, platform, support and operations. To achieve Carrier Cloud, you need to visualize and automate cloud services operations. It is also important to virtualize the network and to control the network’s paths and flows dynamically.
A Carrier Cloud solution has at least the following key elements:

  • Inside the datacenter
  • IT Platform (IaaS)
  • NGN core infrastructure
  • OSS for cloud + network
  • Cloud Service Platform (PaaS)
  • SaaS applications
  • Call center & helpdesk
  • Datacenter operations
  • Outside the datacenter

As Your Partner

As your Cloud business partner, we want to help carriers build their own Carrier Cloud, a carrier-centric platform featuring services, solutions and people who allow you to acquire new value chains and revenue. Each cloud is different, so we are expanding our ability to work with you locally to help design the right business case, service portfolio and operational capability. This will enable you to operate an innovative, SLA-driven, carrier-centric, carrier-grade cloud.

Winning in Cloud

NEC believes that there are two critical elements to the winning formula for Carrier Cloud:

  • Carrier-grade cloud, the ability to deliver cloud services that millions can rely on;
  • IT + network innovation and integration.