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Logistics Solutions

Ensuring increased visibility, safety and efficiency

Modern logistics is increasingly complex and goes beyond the simple exchange of goods. Successful business leaders acknowledge the value of a well-orchestrated logistics system and understand that a seamless supply chain is the key to outperform competitors and increase customer satisfaction.

For customers facing difficult issues in logistics, NEC delivers solutions that introduce visibility into global logistics operations and streamline shipment for the logistics, distribution, as well as warehouse industries.

We at NEC, bring to you cutting edge logistics and supply chain solutions customized to your business needs. We take pride in our tradition of excellence, cutting-edge technology and customer-centric business processes to ensure we stay your true partner for years to come.

Service Portfolio:

Logistics Visualization Solution

Gate Automation Solution

Yard Management System

Warehouse Management System

Logistics Control Tower

Trailer Movement Optimization

Logistics Marketplace

Touchless Access Control

Cold Storage Solution