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E-RAN RN-200 Radio Node

E-RAN RN-200 Radio Node

High Performance 3G Small Cell

NEC Radio Nodes are high-performance, 3G small cells specially designed for scalable in-building deployments by mobile operators for medium to large enterprise customers.

Each Radio Node supports up to 32 simultaneous 3G voice and data channels, a peak downlink rate of 21 Mbps and a peak uplink rate of 5 Mbps. Industry-leading MAC / PHY software implements receive diversity for superior uplink performance and implements soft handovers.

To support the self-organizing capabilities of the Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN), Radio Nodes have advanced “network listen” capabilities. Radio Nodes are able to listen to other radio nodes, as well as to 2G and 3G macrocells in multiple frequency bands. Scans are done at startup and, later, periodically.

Security has been a major consideration in the design of the Radio Node. All communication between a Radio Node and the NEC Services Node (SN) occurs through an IPSec tunnel. Encryption keys and device certificates are securely stored using on-chip Trusted Platform Module (TPM) functions, allowing support for a secure boot process, and certificate-based authentication. There is no management or console port on the Radio Node, and it can be physically locked to prevent theft or intrusion.

Radio Nodes can be installed on walls or ceilings. Both network connectivity and power are provided over Ethernet. Radio Nodes have no fans and are completely convection cooled. Antennas are built-in with an option to use external antennas as required.


 Radio Node Capabilities

  1. Custom MAC / PHY software that supports soft handover and receive diversity
  2. Up to 32 active voice and data channels per cell
  3. 21 Mbps peak downlink, 5 Mbps peak uplink
  4. Internal antennas with option for external
  5. Compatible with Ethernet switching infrastructure
  6. Power-over-Ethernet
  7. Wall and ceiling mountable, plenum-rated
  8. Ease of physical installation on-par with enterprise Wi-Fi access points
  9. Certificate-based authentication with NEC Services Node

Key Product Features




Up to 32 simultaneous voice and data channels
Peak rates: 21 Mbps DL and 5 Mbps UL

Frequency Bands

UMTS Band I (UL: 1920 – 1980 MHz & DL: 2110-2170 MHz) with GSM 900/1800MHz monitor
UMTS Band II (UL: 1850 – 1910 MHz & DL: 1930 – 1900 MHz) with GSM 850/1900MHz monitor
UMTS Band IV (UL: 1710 – 1755 MHz & DL: 2110 – 2155 MHz) with GSM 850/1900MHz monitor
UMTS Band V (UL: 824 - 849 MHz & DL: 869 - 894 MHz) with GSM 850/1900MHz monitor

Radio and Antenna

Maximum transmit power: 250mW (24dBm)
Receive diversity
Two internal antennas
Antenna gain: 2dBi
Option for external antennas (TNC connectors)

RF Management

UMTS network monitor (inter and intra-frequency neighbour cell detection)
GSM network monitor
Auto detection of primary scrambling codes

Mobility Management

Inter small-cell soft handover
Handover from small-cell cluster to macrocell (inter-RAT, inter-frequency)

Timing and Synchronisation

IEEE 1588v2 based (PTP)
Real-time synchronization to Services Node

RAB Support

CS: 12.2 Kbps AMR, half-rate AMR
R99 PS: 64kbps, 384 Kbps
HSPA: Rel 6, all categories
Multi-RAB: 1 X CS, up to 3 X PS


Secure boot and secure key storage using Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
IPsec tunneling to services node
X.509 certificate-based authentication

Network Management

Auto provisioning
Centrally configured and managed through services node
TR-196 based data model

Enterprise Installation

Mounting hardware included
Padlock option
Ceiling or wall mount
Power-over-Ethernet: 802.3af
Power consumption: 12W (max)

LED Indication

1 x tri-color LED (RGB)
Status indications: boot, normal, disabled, fault, emergency call, radio node tracking

Physical and Environmental

Dimensions: 238 x 190 x 49 mm (9.4 x 7.5 x 1.9 in)
Weight: 0.91 Kg (2 lbs)
1 x 100 Mb/s Ethernet interface (RJ45)
Operating temperature:
- 0 to 50°C (vertically mounted)
- 0 to 40°C (horizontally mounted)

Storage temperature: 0 to 85°C
Operating humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Storage humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Ingress protection rating: IP30

Regulatory Compliance

Safety: EN 60950, CB certification (IEC 60950)
EMI Directive 1999/5/EC on R&TTE:
- EN 50385
- EN 301 489-1 and 301 489-23
- EN 301 908-1 and 301 908-3

FCC Part 15, Class A
FCC Part 24 (UMTS Band II)
FCC Part 27 (UMTS Band IV)
Industry Canada: RSS-133, RSS-139, ICES-003 (Class A)
Materials: Directive 2002/95/EC on RoHS
General: CE and NRTL marking