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Public Solution

Providing solutions for Smart Cities, Digital Governance, Public Safety and Aviation through advanced Biometric and Video Analytics, leveraging FIWARE, Digital Twin, Blockchain and Metaverse.


Delivering cutting-edge solutions for Law Enforcement, Surveillance and Public & Private Enterprises using Biometrics (iris, fingerprints, palm, face) and Video Analytics platforms.

Solution Offerings

Law Enforcement

Criminal Transaction Processing, Case Record Management, Criminal Identification System.

Safe & Smart City

Revolutionizing safety in urban environments with Public & City Centric Video Analytics, sophisticated Command & Control Centers, and operationally efficient video analytic-based use cases. Our smart solution for smart cities ensure enhanced safety and security.

Enterprise Safety

Video Analytics Security Systems for Situational Awareness, Incident Management, Video Surveillance analysis, Biometric Access Control & Attendance.


Video Analytics
Cyber Security
Identity Management & Physical Security


Enabling effective IT Solutions for Government and Public Sector through Automated Biometric Identification System, establishing a Digital ID Platform as the backbone for various partner eco-systems.

Solution Offerings

National ID System

Utilizing multiple biometric modalities (finger, face, iris) for accurate identity verification.

Digital ID Platform

Blockchain and Secure cloud-based technology for tamper-proof attestation sharing with multiple authorities.

Smart City Solutions

System Integration, FIWARE Platform, Digital Twin, incubating business in areas like Disaster Management, Healthcare, Education.


Multi Modal Biometrics
NEC Blockchain
Cloud (AWS/Azure)
High throughput middleware


Revolutionizing air travel with Digital Transformation in Airline industry by providing solutions for airlines and airports, automating passenger boarding processes, and enhancing customer experiences. This vertical also aids Facial recognition System (FRS) based surveillance.

Solution Offerings

Biometric Boarding System

Rapid self-check-in with Face Recognition technology and real-time screening.

Compliance Monitoring

Mass Detection, Social Distancing, People Count, Crowd Congestion, Temperature/Thermal Screening.

Surveillance, Immigration & Border Control

Video Analytics Solution Capabilities, Electronic Gates, Biometric capturing for visa processing, Watch List Detection.



Access Control & ID Management

Cyber Security

Facial Recognition