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Public Safety

Public safety is a growing problem all over the world – and requires key enabling technologies that promote information sharing and open communication among public safety agencies.

Biometric identification – through fingerprint, vein or facial recognition – is the fastest and most accurate way to promote public safety (and prevent crime) without sacrificing service levels for citizens.

NEC’s award-winning public safety solutions are used in 40-plus countries ( increasingly in India) – by governments, and public and private institutions – to safeguard lives and property, both in the real and virtual worlds.

NEC’s Public Safety Solutions Support Smart Cities As They Evolve

By Technology

NEC’s biometric identification technologies1 have been recognised in independent tests as the world’s fastest and most accurate, in areas such as fingerprint and face recognition. These public safety technologies are being increasingly used by governments, industries and organizations in India for:

Smart City Solutions 

NEC’s smart city solutions support cities as they evolve – by responding flexibly to challenges that arise during each stage of development, in homes & parks, office buildings & schools, and public spaces via:

  • Smart Card
  • Smart Security
  • Inter-Agency Collaboration
  • Information Management
  • Citizen Services & Immigration Control
  • Smart Urban Transport
  • Smart Water
  • Emergency & Disaster Management
  • Critical Infrastructure Management
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Administration Services

By Industry

NECs public safety solutions are widely used to strengthen security at multiple touch points and enhance public safety across enterprises and public service utilities in industry verticals such as:

NeoFace® Recognition

NEC’s NeoFace® face recognition solution is the fastest and most accurate solution, as measured in independent tests . It requires no physical or active interaction with the subject, can be integrated easily with other systems, and can handle millions of faces, thousands of cameras and simultaneous user-interface sessions.

Cyber Security Factory

A collaborative venture between NEC and Japan’s top cyber security companies, the Cyber Security Factory enables governments and industries to:


Read the Blog - NEC's Public Safety Vision for Modern Society

NEC's Public Safety Vision for Modern Society

NECs public safety solutions are now widely used across industry verticals.

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