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NEC’s PII De-Identification PlatformProtecting Privacy, Preserving Data

NEC's PII De-identification Platform

NEC's PII De-identification Platform, driven by cutting-edge AI technology, offers a comprehensive solution for detecting, de-identifying, and assessing the risk of re-identification of personal identifiable information (PII) within diverse data sources and systems.

In a world where data privacy and GDPR compliance are paramount, our platform empowers organizations to safeguard sensitive information by breaking the link between data and individuals, ensuring data privacy and security without compromising data utility. With features like redaction and anonymization, as well as the ability to customize compliance to evolving regulations, NEC's PII De-identification Platform is your trusted partner on the journey to data protection and compliance excellence.

Salient Features of PII De-identification Platform

PII Detection

Automatically identifies personal identifiable information (PII) within data sources.


Breaks the link between data and individuals, protecting privacy without sacrificing data utility.

Risk Assessment

Evaluates the risk of re-identification for both direct and indirect PII.


Efficiently identifies PII in images and redacts sensitive information for enhanced privacy.

GDPR Compliance

Helps organizations formalize their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Security

Provides robust data protection and security measures to prevent unauthorized access.


Designed to work across various data sources and systems, making it suitable for diverse organizational needs.

Ease of Use

Offers a user-friendly & intuitive platform for efficient PII de-identification & compliance management.

AI-Powered Solution

Leverages AI technology to enhance accuracy & efficiency in PII detection & de-identification.

Continuous Updates

Stays up to date with evolving data privacy regulations to ensure ongoing compliance and data protection.

Key Highlights

Automated PII

Effortlessly identifies direct Personal Identifiable Information (PII) within your data, ensuring comprehensive privacy protection.

Multiple Data

Seamlessly works with diverse data sources, allowing you to protect PII across your entire organization's data ecosystem.

Supports Varied

Accommodates a wide range of document formats, making it adaptable for different data structures and files.

Computes Risk
of Re-

Provides a proactive approach by computing the risk of re-identification, allowing organizations to take informed measures to safeguard PII.


Offers a centralized deployment model, simplifying the implementation and management of PII de-identification across your organization, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

PII Key Focus Areas and Methods