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Metadata Search

NEC’s metadata search system enables fast and accurate searching for persons in huge surveillance video archives. The system includes automatic searching in response to real-time detection of suspicious individuals as well as offline searching defined by user-input images or descriptions.
Currently Real time and Offline Meta Search are under Research & Development and would be commercially available soon.

Offline Metadata Search

  • Searches video archive for person through text or image
  • Searches by face, clothes, age, gender or combination
  • Recognizes key words and natural sentence descriptions

Real Time Meta-Analysis

  • Extracts facial features, age, gender, presence info and clothes in real time
  • Activates an alert if behavior is suspicious or person is blacklisted
  • Automatically searches video archive for footage of person following alert


  • mmigration and airport terminal security
  • Shopping Mall searches for stray children
  • Facilities requiring detection of suspicious person

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