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By Technology

Corporate Security Services - By Technology

Fingerprint Identification

With three decades of R&D on fingerprint indentifying technology, NEC has developed an advanced Fingerprint Matching Processor (FMP) with high speed and accuracy. The FMP has also incorporated new generation RISC technology, allowing each matching processor to achieve a much higher matching speed than ever before. It provides a seamless interface to live scan units and mug shots for positive Identification. Fingerprint and finger veins are scanned simultaneously and fingers do not directly contact the sensor surface.

Finger Vein Identification

Biometric identification systems identify people by their personal traits. Finger vein solutions identifies people as an add on to the finger prints, palm prints, and face recognition systems. This ensures a complete match to a person’s identity on a holistic basis; leaving no doubt about identities since they all cross authenticate with each other. This leaves no space for faking as all three are identified through a single step, making it practical, quick and highly accurate. An LED guidance system makes it user friendly allowing ease of operations

Face Recognition

Using human face as a key to security, this non contact biometrics face recognition technology has a variety of applications in both law enforcement and non-law enforcement. Face images can be captured from a distance without touching the person being identified, and the identification does not require interacting with the person, thus acting as a powerful crime deterrent.

Video Analytics

NEC offers a highly efficient and user-friendly video analytics solution that monitors behaviors and flags any actions pre-determined as unusual. This software ‘Behavior Analyzer’ automatically detects suspicious behavior such as intrusion, loitering, and object abandonment based on user-defined time and location parameters. It can distinguish between humans, shadows and moving objects. It enables face matching system, combined with motion detectors, tracking systems and provides video system instantly identify shoplifters from its data base. This system automatically identifies unusual behavioral patterns and flags their solutions on security cameras to enable quick and appropriate responses by security personnel. It is also extremely useful to quickly find lost children in supermarkets or detecting intruders too.


Using a combination of biometric solutions, this system offers an authentication using multimodal biometric solutions to overcome the limits of using one biometric technology.  Thus, fingerprint, facial features and vein patterns are used simultaneously used in the identifying and authentication process to make a foolproof verification procedure.  NEC’s multi biometric solutions are used world over as a perfect identification process and an infallible time attendance system for employees as well.

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