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Finger Vein Recognition System

Biometric identification systems identify people by personal traits such as the characteristics of their faces, fingerprints, palm prints, veins, eyes or DNA. Since the difficulty and accuracy of biometric identification varies depending on the person and trait, as well as the measuring environment, multi-modal identification that measures more than one trait is becoming popular. If one measurement fails to provide ample information, the other serves as a backup to support proper identification. Multi-modal identification also helps prevent impersonation since faking more than one trait is quite difficult. On the other hand, multi-modal identification tends to be more time-consuming and inconvenient.

Through world-leading biometrics technology and experience, NEC’s renowned fingerprint identification algorithm development team created a Hybrid Finger Identification system that is both supremely accurate and convenient. In a single step, it simultaneously scans both the fingerprint and the large, branched vein pattern between the first and second finger joint that is ideal for personal identification. It’s the ideal solution for today’s demanding security needs.

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