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Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

License Plate Analyzer

NEC's License Plate Analyzer is one of the world's leading Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR), which uses high speed and highly accurate GLVQ (Generalized Learning Vector Quantization) algorithm. With 50 years of experience in Pattern Recognition Technologies`, NEC`s LPR is highly accurate even under poor environmental conditions

  • Extracts tilted/shifted/rotated license plate
  • Deals with noisy or less contrast images

Recognition process

Once an Image is captured, the image is enhanced, the license plate is detected and divided into sections, characters on the license plate are detected and read using Optical Character Recognition Technology.

Image Restoration

The challenges of motion blur, defocusing blur, poor lighting and severe angles are overcome by advanced Image Restoration technology that removes noise and blur while improving contrast.

Blur Reduction

Car Mount License Plate Analyzer

NEC License Plate Analyzer, combined with a car-mounted camera and processor, enables traveling law-enforcement officials to swiftly recognize the license plates of parked and moving vehicles even when traveling at high speeds. It can accurately recognize the license plates of oncoming vehicles even when the total combined speed of both vehicles is 100km/hr. Moreover, the license plates of parked cars can be recognized from all sides of the vehicle.

  • Car-mounted Appliance Recognizes in Real-Time
  • Verifying recognition results and wanted car DB in Real-Time
  • Transmitting Alert Information via wireless network
  • Updating wanted car DB through wireless network
  • Accumulating recognition result in DB
  • Register recognition result to HQ server upon return


License Plate Analyzer has a wide variety of law enforcement, monitoring and commercial applications for various environments. Possible applications include:

  • Car park management
  • Automated real-time alerts to unauthorized vehicles
  • Toll booths
  • Traffic and parking flow surveys
  • Site access control

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