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Transportation Solutions

Safeguarding Lifelines & Improving Efficiency

As one of the world’s leading IT providers, NEC has been implementing cutting-edge solutions to manage key infrastructure – such as railways, bus networks and highways.

A complete turnkey provider of logistics and transportation solutions, NEC designs, builds and commissions bus and rail systems – and has a successful track record of collaborations with local partners and authorities worldwide.

NEC’s advanced transportation technologies make rides smoother and more efficient for passengers and drivers via in station and on-board communication systems, bus telematics systems and transportation control systems.

By integrating multiple technologies, NEC’s public transportation solutions allow civic authorities and organizations to operate transportation lifelines safely, securely and economically – and improve the quality of life by:

  • providing timely information on traffic jams, road constructions, etc. based on real-time data collected from vehicle sensors and road cameras
  • enabling the reliable and accurate collection of fares via Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)
    (and in the process improving management stability)
  • making commuting easier and more convenient for people
  • improving the quality of urban infrastructure

Innovative & Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Fleet Management

NEC’s Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) enable you to provide better services and experiences to your customers. They reduce costs and employee time via improved logistics and operational efficiency – in pickups, deliveries and service calls.

Optimize your fleet with best-in-class software and hardware technology that's scalable, flexible, and can be tailor-made to suit your exact business needs.
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AVL – Automated Vehicle Location

NEC’s Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) Solutions provide you with a fleet-wide visibility of buses, trucks and cars – along with GPS data – to enable you to:

  • Monitor, track and manage your vehicles and drivers
  • Access key vehicle and driver information
  • Find the closest vehicle for a job

NEC’s AVL Solutions can be customized to improve your fleet’s operational efficiency, reduce vehicle and driver downtime, and enhance worker safety.
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BRT – Bus Rapid Transit

NEC’s BRT Solutions provide real-time information by leveraging telematics and fleet management systems built into the IT infrastructure. This ensures the BRT system operates efficiently and cost-effectively at all times.

As a full turnkey provider, NEC designs, builds and commissions bus systems, and has a proven track record of collaborations with local partners and authorities worldwide.
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PIS – Passenger Information System

NEC’s Passenger Information System allows you to communicate with bus and train passengers by providing them with real-time location, status updates, schedule information and synchronized audio and visual messaging. This ensures passengers enjoy secure, hassle-free travelling as part of their daily life.

NEC has successfully upgraded some of the world’s busiest travel hubs with tailor-made PIS Solutions.
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