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Airline Security Boarding System

NEC IDentiBoard

Safety and security of passengers are of paramount concern in the airline industry. In operation of a flight, every personnel involved is responsible to ensure that the passenger who checked into the flight earlier will also be the same person that will board and arrive in the chosen destination.

Current workflow in such airport operation relies heavily upon manual labor assistance. Airline staff are tasked to visual inspect for suspicious characters on top of verifying each passenger’s passport and boarding pass to ensure correct passengers for the corresponding flights. These tedious processes could result in errors and thus compromising the safety and security of passengers.

NEC’s Airline Identity Boarding (NEC IDentiBoard) is a system designed to provide more effective means of processing passenger’s information and improving the overall process of boarding passengers into plane for flight With the system, airline could be sure that the same passengers that cleared the immigration will be the ones that will board for the flights. Besides heightening the security in airports, it will also increase operational efficiency in flight boarding with automation of a single or multi-modal biometrics recognition technology. With such state of the art system in place, airline could have peace of mind in terms of security and operation efficiency and concentrate resources on other areas that matter most to passengers.

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