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NEC Mi-City Citizen Engagement Portal

NEC Mi-City - Citizen Engagement Portal (CEP) is a dynamic platform fostering a strong connection between citizens, government, and agencies. With our unified citizen services web portal, accessing government services has never been easier. From applying for permits and licenses to accessing vital documents and information, our user-friendly interface puts all the resources you need at your fingertips. Say goodbye to long queues and complex processes – we've streamlined everything to save you time and effort.

Beyond grievance addressal, NEC Mi-City provides vital information on policies and reforms, empowering citizens to be informed participants in governance. It also enables agencies to share advertisements and relevant information directly with citizens, promoting transparency. Together, we build a collaborative society, where voices are heard, needs met, and positive change is driven.

Easy on-the-go access to essential services and information

Mobile App for both iOS and Android devices

User-friendly interface

Puts all the resources citizens need at citizens' fingertips

Ease like never before

Applying for permits and licenses, paying utility bills, accessing vital documents and information - replacing the long queues and the long wait.

Strong community collaboration

Real-time updates, live news, and local events, and participate in community initiatives

Comprehensive reporting

mechanisms and data analytics enabling efficient service distribution and resource utilization.

Simple grievance reporting

and addressal procedures Save time, effort and build higher citizen trust

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Three Pillars of Continuous Citizen Engagement

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