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NEC India Showcases Solutions to Empower Smart Enterprises

Showcase launches Empowered IT Framework and UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications and Collaboration software for smart enterprises to fuel new India IT growth trends.

New Delhi, 15th April 2014 - NEC India Pvt. Ltd, a leading network and IT solutions provider held a press conference today announcing its smart enterprise solution strategy and officially launching the latest generation of its Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) software, UNIVERGE 3C. Following the press conference NEC India will host meetings in Delhi and Mumbai where they will communicate the details of the smart enterprise strategy and showcase the new technologies and solutions. Joining the launch events to speak about the strategy and technologies will be Mr. Makoto Omi, General Manager, Global Business Unit of NEC Corporation, the company’s global leader of IT business, and Mr. Todd Landry, NEC’s global smart enterprise chief evangelist and expert on empowering IT infrastructures and UC&C.

NEC’s empowered IT framework brings together several IT infrastructure components, addressing the trends for more converged enterprise infrastructure and empowering customers with solutions to build a smart enterprise. An essential part of this IT framework is UNIVERGE 3C, which delivers UC&C tools to business users for virtually any device while maintaining a consistent user experience. The software services adapt to a wide variety of business roles, from sales and support, to internal workgroups providing increased efficiencies and greater workforce productivity.

“We are very pleased to be launching our solution for smart enterprises, as this is at an important time with many substantial new infrastructure build-outs taking place in India that will benefit from this technology,” said Makoto Omi.

According to an IDC report, cloud spending and collaborative technology are each expected to grow by 25% in 2014. NEC’s enterprise solutions are aligned with this trend to focus on expansion of its ‘communication simplified and business amplified’ platform that includes social, mobile, cloud technologies driving change and demand for smarter enterprise infrastructure. These solutions provide the necessary agility for today’s dynamic work environment and enable total control over how, when and where users choose to be reached – truly empowering the workforce.

“Today’s economic environment is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. To stay competitive, they need to have the right tools that enable them to be more efficient, remain flexible and reduce overall cost of doing business,” said Landry. “NEC has built smart enterprise solutions that align well with the demand for new converged infrastructure. Under this initiative, NEC has brought many of its key enterprise IT assets together to create solutions that address the 4 key value pillars for enterprises.”

Key Value Pillars for Smart Enterprises

Agility, cloud, collaboration, and service assurance are becoming essential ingredients for the smart, secure, and always-on enterprise. NEC employs these drivers for an evolving technology foundation that not only enables new approaches for how IT services are delivered and managed, but also presents new ways for businesses to grow and evolve IT delivery. NEC defines key values for smart enterprises under four pillars:

  • Business Agility – empowering mobile workforces and creating a more adaptive IT environment that is more responsive to business needs.
  • Cloud Delivery – delivering flexible deployment models that enable swift business growth and increased efficiencies.
  • Collaborative Communities – providing powerful tools enabling a rich user experience for collaboration across organizations.
  • Assured Services – delivering highly available, secure, and scalable infrastructure designed for business continuity.

NEC’s framework combines its powerful software-defined networking (SDN), fault tolerant servers, storage, and virtualization software tools with its enterprise-class software applications for unified communications, web collaboration, customer care, virtualized desktops, and industry-specific applications that can operate as virtualized software within the framework.

UNIVERGE 3C is a combined unified communications, collaboration and software services platform for businesses of all sizes and cloud operators. As a single software application, it delivers the essential tools to increase workforce productivity by making it easy for users in different roles to collaborate from anywhere, anytime, using virtually any device. With UNIVERGE 3C, its unmatched flexibility, reliability and scalability can be leveraged to keep the organization competitive in today’s marketplace.

Elements of the Smart Enterprise Portfolio

NEC’s key IT technologies that Empower the Smart Enterprise include the industry-leading ProgrammableFlow® SDN networking suite; powerful Express5800/300 series of fault-tolerant servers; ExpressCluster and SigmaSystemCenter software for virtualization management and applications high availability; M-Series secure and resilient SAN storage and HYDRAstor grid storage; Virtual PC Center technologies for thin-client delivery: and UNIVERGE 3C unified communications, collaboration, and customer care software systems.

About NEC India Pvt. Ltd

NEC India Pvt. Ltd. established in New Delhi, India, in August 2006, leverages on NEC's unique capabilities in integrating IT, networking, and communications technologies for a diverse customer base across governments, businesses, individuals and society in India. NEC India provides and develops solutions for Carrier Network, Unified Communications, Retail, Security and Surveillance Systems, IT and Multimedia Products to cater to the rapidly expanding Indian market.

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