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NEC strengthens its commitment towards public safety in India

Charts a roadmap towards safer cities and secure infrastructure

New Delhi, 8 November 2013 - NEC India Pvt. Ltd, a leading network and IT solutions provider, today reinforced its commitment towards safer cities in India and highlighted the importance of technology at a seminar held in Delhi. ‘Safer Cities' is an integral part of NEC's corporate vision of building a secure world. 

The conference featured detailed discussion among a panel of public safety experts and Mr. Partho Dasgupta, Managing Director, NEC India, Mr. Bharat Khanna, Head of Public Safety, NEC India on leveraging technology to boost public safety and security in cities across India.

NEC’s innovative integrated technologies and solutions can be adopted to enhance the safety and security of communities or businesses, and to bolster law enforcement services. NEC’s fingerprint and facial recognition solutions are recognized as some of the most accurate biometric technologies for identification and these solutions have been deployed across numerous countries around the world. NEC aims to replicate the success of these technologies in the Indian market by focusing on the end consumer and further strengthening its capability as a system integrator.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Partho Dasgupta, Managing Director, NEC India said,“The public safety and identity solutions business in India has tremendous potential.  In light of this, we foresee that integrated security solutions will play an important role in refining security and strengthening law enforcement. With the objective of developing India as a market of strategic importance for NEC globally, we are constantly engaging with central & state governments to drive E-gov projects in India, participating in infrastructure security projects and taking keen interest in national security initiatives. We have a long standing relationship with the Karnataka State police and have been working with them since 2002, providing them NEC’s Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which has helped increase the conviction rate in the state remarkably while in the banking sector, we are working with a consortium of public sector banks for dual factor authentication. NEC Corporation is also providing a biometrics-based identification system to de-duplicate and enroll the fingerprint, iris and face information for the citizens of India as part of the world’s largest national ID project of its kind.”

Adding on, Dr. Paul Wang, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Global Safety Division, NEC Corporation said, “NEC looks forward to continue providing India with the latest technologies and solutions to make cities safer. In order to create a more secure city, NEC introduces the concept of Inter-Agency Collaboration, which enables the effective sharing of information in order to prevent specific threats through the development of solutions, such as identity management systems and object recognition systems. As multiple agencies are involved in preparing for a threat and responding to it, a platform for sharing information, for discussion and for decision-making is crucial.”

Over the last 30 years, NEC’s solutions have been deployed in more than 30 countries throughout the world for law enforcement and border control agencies, immigration, emergency and disaster response, protection of critical installations and safeguarding of cyber infrastructure.

NEC remains committed to growing its presence in the public safety business in India. In May 2010, NEC launched its first “NEC Biometrics Excellence Center” (N-BEC) in Bangalore, India, aimed at providing world class engineering competency to cater to the company’s global chain of development, deployment and support of identity solutions for the international market. This center was commissioned to accelerate the expansion of NEC’s global multimodal identification solutions and integrated security solutions business, including its renowned automated fingerprint identification solutions and face recognition solutions.

About NEC India Pvt. Ltd

NEC India Pvt. Ltd. established in New Delhi, India, in August 2006, leverages on NEC's unique capabilities in integrating IT and networking technologies for a diverse customer base across governments, businesses, individuals and society in India. NEC India provides and develops solutions for Carrier Network, Unified Communications, Retail, Security and Surveillance Systems, IT and Multimedia Products to cater to the rapidly expanding Indian market.

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About NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (NEC APAC)

Singapore-based NEC Asia Pacific is the regional headquarters for NEC Corporation (HQ: Japan) in the Asia Pacific region (South and Southeast Asia, and Oceania). As a leading infocomm technology provider and systems integrator offering regional sales and services support and consultancy, NEC APAC develops solutions on carrier network, global identity, RFID, enterprise server, unified communications, multimedia display, and contact centre, as well as provides outsourcing and managed services.

To leverage on its technological expertise in the field of public safety, NEC APAC has established a regional competency centre (public safety) to expand its capabilities and expertise to support businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

In line with the NEC Group Vision to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth, NEC also embarks on corporate social responsibilities (CSR) initiatives to support and “make a difference” to the Nature (environment), Education and Community. For more information, please visit

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