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Manufacturing Solutions

NEC helps manufacturers optimize their investments by aligning IT with core business processes and strategic goals. NEC leverages its world-class expertise to develop specialized solutions that shift the focus from managing technologies to managing your core business.
As a global manufacturer, NEC understands how the industry is changing at various levels and the critical factors that determine success. Although the traditional industry challenges still exist, new issues are necessitating a different approach. To respond to market dynamics, manufacturers must be able to scale production accordingly, collaborate vital information with internal and external partners, and ensure customer satisfaction.
NEC is positioned to deliver integrated solutions. Our Manufacturing Solutions Practice works with customers to assess their needs and provide specialized solutions that can deliver the ability to ramp production, improve responsiveness to market demand, as well as decrease the time-to-market, cost of goods sold and inventory. NEC offers a portfolio of integrated solutions and product lifecycle services that can be tailored to the needs of manufacturers.
Solutions for Manufacturing (NEC's range of solutions specific to the manufacturing sector)
Our Difference (What sets NEC Manufacturing apart from others)

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