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NEC System Integration and Professional Service
- Driving Open RAN Deployment with Confidence and Success

The NEC 5G Open RAN Center of Excellence (CoE) provides world-class integration and interoperability testing capabilities as well as complete end-to-end QA expertise. But the NEC Open RAN CoE also provides a collaborative environment where the Open RAN community can work together on designing, implementing and validating innovative solutions to emerging and future needs. This uniquely addresses the specific challenges of ensuring success with multi-vendor Open RAN deployments where collaboration is essential.

The NEC Aspire Technology Open Networks Lab provides an independent test facility supporting Open RAN community-focused integration testing as well as NEC Aspire Technology consultative projects and professional services for both operators and major vendors. The NEC Aspire Lab works both independently and collaboratively with the NEC 5G Open RAN CoE depending on customer requirements.