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CRaaS (Control Room as a Service)

Reliable and timely information is critical to ensure business success, enable proactive response to customers, enable proactive response to incidents and ensure availability of essential service to citizens. Control rooms play an indispensable role in monitoring multiple information streams and empowering stakeholders to make mission-critical decisions quickly. However, the tools and technologies required for supporting control room ecosystems are changing rapidly. Building platforms that can evolve and scale is no easy feat due to the involvement of multiple stakeholders, growing complexity and increasing demand of growing technical competency.

Spearhead growth with CRaaS

NEC simplifies the application of control rooms by introducing CRaaS (Control Room as a Service). The solution presents specialized control room hardware, intelligent video analytics & control room solutions, installation, maintenance and support-all as a bundled package under one roof in an OPEX environment.

Visualize Better

Visualization forms the basis of human perception, and the visual representation & management of information is vital for maintaining smooth operations, pre-empting potential issues and reacting promptly to incidents.
Make critical decisions quickly based on accurate and reliable images & videos all day with industry reckoned NEC displays that come with a fail-safe guarantee.


  • Commercial-grade components designed for 24/7 usage
  • IP-based software controller (Hiperwall) for ultimate flexibility and unlimited scalability
  • Full redundancy for failsafe operation
  • Ultra-high resolution for clarity of detail
  • Ambient light sensors adjust brightness levels
  • Low blue light and flicker-free technology reduce viewer fatigue

Analyze Faster

Video analytics is core to any control room solution as it enables instant visibility to all violations.  NEC MiEye is a comprehensive video analytics solution that automatically recognises people, patterns, objects and situations to generate alerts and notifications applying proprietary deep learning frameworks and algorithms.


  • Alert Management
  • Reporting & Incident Management
  • GIS map
  • Diverse filter availability – Intrusion detection, PPE, People count etc.

Implement Quicker

Advanced technology team to understand and create video walls that fit your needs combined with continuous monitoring and support for hassle-free implementation.


  • No implementation and maintenance hassles. Focus on core business objectives
  • Round the clock technical expertise of technology, AV & design professionals
  • Receive support whenever and wherever needed

Pay Lesser

No upfront costs. OPEX model with an optimum contract for three years.


  • No upfront costs. Pay as you go.
  • Reinforces agility. Scale as per need
  • No worries for technology updates