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PASOLINK Network Management System (Java version)

Central Computer PASOLINK Network Management System

The PASOLINK Network Management System, Java version, (PNMSj) provides easy-to-use monitoring, control, configuration and management of PASOLINK family radio networks.

  • PNMSj can be used to do the following tasks:
  • Monitor PASOLINK family radio equipment status
  • Control and configure PASOLINK family radio equipment.
  • Transversal Equalizer helps to compensate for selective fading.
  • Collect Link Performance data.
  • Update PASOLINK family radio network configuration data.

Mobile Terminal PASOLINK Network Management Terminal

NEC's PASOLINK Network Management Terminal Java version enables local/remote equipment maintenance via a mobile terminal, such as a laptop PC. The PNMTj can be connected to any PASOLINK family network element from any location in the network. The selected network element can then be monitored and controlled in the same manner as a PNMSj Link Summary window.