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Fixed Networks

Communications, the nerve system of societies. The evolution of our modern society has been mirrored by the advancement of communications technology.

Today, communications plays an even stronger, more vital role, in connecting continents and people all over the world.

Backbone DWDM Systems

The compact SpectralWave DW4200/DW4000 offers flexible multiplexing and transport on long-haul and ULH platforms.

Leading features include full ROADM capabilities, 400Gbit/s transmission on an ETSI rack and the supreme reliability of path-based protection.

Metro WDM Systems

Two NEC product families are available for metro WDM systems.

The TM Series and MW Series. These carrier-grade optical networking solutions enable transparent transport of any service at 100Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s for metropolitan and regional applications.

Multi-service Platforms

NEC offers two product families for multi-service platforms, the MN Series and U/V/C-Node Series. These multi-service optical transport systems simplify networks for service providers, thus dramatically reducing both operational and capital expenditures. They enable the efficient and cost-effective delivery of SDH services, as well as advanced data services like FE and GE.

Packet Transport

An optical transport is gradually shifting from the SONET/SDH standard to packet-centric solutions. A move that requires operators to replace legacy MSTP. To help operators make the transition smoothly and successfully, NEC has released the new MN5000 Series.

This family of T-MPLS-based packet optical transport solutions enable packet-centric transport with TDM-like OAM operation.

FTTx Access

NEC's end-to-end FTTx solution, the ME2000 GE-PON Series, is based on a gigabit Ethernet passive optical network (GEPON) technology.

Two optical line terminal models and several optical network unit models are available for this system, which is triple-play ready for IPTV and VoIP.