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Smart IoT Solutions

Enabling Smart Insights from IoT and Connected Devices

IoT (the Internet of Things) is emerging as the key mega trend across the globe, making businesses smart, connected and efficient. We bring to you cutting edge end to end solutions which extracts true insights and drives your business to success.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict the condition of your assets beforehand and save time and resources.

NEC’s IoT-powered predictive maintenance solution allows real-time data ingestion from siloed sources, applies AI and machine learning on sensor data to determine when an asset needs to be maintained or replaced, avoiding costly equipment failures and unscheduled downtime.

Smart Meters

Enable effective communication across wide range of meters with secure, scalable and flexible metering systems.

NEC offers Smart Meters data analysis at scale which gives them the power to make real-time decisions by monitoring utility asset performance in real-time, tracking customer usage, predicting demand, reducing fraud and enhancing operational efficiency.

Healthcare Analytics

Power a seamless patient journey while focusing on cost reduction by deriving key insights from healthcare data.

NEC helps healthcare institutions to analyze the huge volumes of data generated by IoT devices such as wearable sensors and mobiles to extract data-driven insights and speed up decision-making. IoT and analytics together have the capability to transform the healthcare system from a reactive, provider-driven, inefficient set-up to a connected model which is proactive, patient-centric and predictive that can foresee disease outbreak and ensure prevention.

Smart Logistics

Improve visibility and transform the way goods are transported by IoT empowered data analytics.

NEC empowers freight owners with real-time cargo tracking and monitoring via GPS and sensors. By accessing the transit data in real-time, logistics owners can make smart decisions-optimize shipping routes, evaluate carrier performance, enhance cargo security- and save money by identifying bottlenecks beforehand.

Why IoT

With IoT- driven analytics, we enable our customers to:

Run Better

Drive higher productivity and increased operational efficiency

Save More

Cut down on extraneous expenses and save organizations from unnecessary operation costs

Grow Faster

Generate higher revenues by gaining insights into customer preferences and offering services as per their expectations

Tap More Opportunities

Expand constantly and open new revenue streams

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