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High Performance Computing

Superior computing systems for your most demanding workloads

High Performance Computing (HPC) is one of the most powerful mechanisms to tackle complex mathematical, scientific, and engineering problems. In today’s dynamic ecosystem, HPC is revered as an integral pillar for research and development, allowing enterprises and research institutions to run complex simulations quickly with ease.
NEC has been the pioneer in the HPC (High Performance Computing) arena and created products that made supercomputing affordable and accessible for organizations across the globe. Our powerful vector processors empower HPC ecosystems and present extremely high, sustainable performance to ensure you solve complex world problems with greater ease and success. Starting from the early 1980s, we have developed a product line of Vector Computers. With the rise of Linux based clusters, NEC has provided complex solutions since the 1990s. Our flagship product SX Aurora TSUBASA is a superior Vector Engine (VE) built for accelerated computing experience.


Elevated Performance

Enhanced computing capabilities with powerful VE’s and servers

360 Degree Approach

We not only provide hardware but optimal solutions to tackle your computing issues.

Dedicated Expertise

An enthusiastic team of solution architects, system integrators, sales, and presales team with HPC expertise on-board.

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