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Data Platform for Hadoop

Scalable and Secured Data Platform To Manage Data in Motion and at Rest

NEC ‘Data Platform for Hadoop (DPH)’ is a highly scalable, flexible and cost-effective solution to handle enterprise class big data workload.  It is a specially designed high performance compute and storage infrastructure, optimized Big Data workload.

NEC Big Data solutions are pre-certified by Cloudera (formerly Hortonworks) and optimized for advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Why Data Platform For Hadoop?

Agile Application Deployment at Reduced TCO

Pre-validated data platform solution and end-to-end services to collect, process, store and analyse data (both data in motion and at rest ), reducing TCO.

Faster Time to Insights for Smarter Business Decisions

Timely and meaningful insights to help you drive new revenue streams, reduce costs and enhance customer experience.

Massive Scalability and Flexibility

Built on Hadoop premises, DPH offers unprecedented scalability and flexibility. Start small and grow with increase in demand.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Governance

Integrated, secured, and governed platform with a layered network that embraces authentication, authorization, accountability, and data protection measures.

One Class Platform

Common platform for real-time data, IoT, suitable for multiple analytic use cases.

360 degree Services

End-to-end services- from discovery, build, integration, implementation to support- ensuring long term success and increased ROI. With business roots in Japan, stay assured you receive only superior services within stipulated timelines.

Service Portfolio

NEC’s DPH is an end-to-end solution, helping businesses from planning their big data infrastructure to building it and further extending post implementation support to ensure successful transition.

Data Platform Services

Building and deploying robust Big Data Infrastructure

Data platform service for Hadoop by NEC is a holistic service covering complete building and deployment of Big Data Infrastructure. This includes platform design including hardware, network, and configuration of Hadoop components.

Data Integration and Analytics Services

Assimilating business information from multiple sources into valuable insights

Data integration and analytics services from NEC present enterprises with the capability to combine data from disparate sources and derive actionable insights. The scalable platform focusses on forward-looking predictive analytics with special emphasis on machine learning, AI, data/ text mining, forecasting, visualization, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis, multivariate analysis, graph analysis, simulation, complex event processing and neural networking.

Platform Maintenance Services

One stop solution for premium platform support (hardware and software) services

Platform maintenance services from NEC provides complete support on all platform issues including hardware, OS, HDP, CDF, etc. Users can post their queries using email and phone and avail technical support on the implemented platform quickly. The service also incorporates operation support capabilities that embraces proactive monitoring, identifying and fixing issues and creating backup.

System Maintenance Services

Compromise zero on quality with high-end maintenance and support

System maintenance services from NEC covers complete maintenance and operation support for data management and analytics services. This includes data flow management, data transformation, adding new data sources and improving analytical model accuracy.

Project Management Services

Ensuring success in your digital transformation journey

DPH from NEC enables successful transformation for businesses by providing intensive project management. This facilitates efficient planning, task tracking, schedule management and operation management.

Solutions by Use Case

EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) Optimization

Achieving actionable insights on data efficiently

Today’s fast-evolving businesses require adapting warehouses. However, traditional EDW lack the ability to integrate with new data sources due to their complexity and limitation in handling unstructured data. EDW optimization by NEC is a modern approach to data warehousing which offloads data from EDW to a less expensive distributed data platform on Hadoop, thereby improving efficiency in handling business information.
SAP HANA Optimization

Ensuring Lower total cost of ownership with increased data handling capabilities

Business users often complain of increased expenses when using SAP HANA for their Big Data requirements. To prevent this, NEC offers DPH as a reference architecture which integrates SAP HANA with SAP Vora with Hadoop into user’s existing big data environment. This reduces pressure on the SAP HANA system, thereby making Big Data handling affordable.
Mainframe Offload

Enabling agile and affordable platforms for smart businesses

Mainframes are critical to business applications due to their ability to provide secure and reliable interfaces. However, these systems rely heavily on manual workload processes which turns systems slow. NEC’s Mainframe Offload creates a unique ecosystem that extracts data from existing mainframes into DPH. This enhances the processing efficiency of the mainframe system and makes running legacy applications a delight for users.
Big Data Analytics

Transforming data into meaningful insights

Handling big data efficiently is critical for all businesses to ensure success. NEC’s DPH platform helps enterprises convert data into actionable insights in real-time. This includes visualizing reports, discovering market potential, predicting customer behavior and responding quickly to market demands.
Data Lake

Single source of truth for all your data

Traditional analytic tools are centered around data warehouses that largely cater to structured data derived from ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. This makes a lot of data to rest in silos, making data storage expensive. Powered with the capability of Apache Hadoop, DPH with Data Lake capabilities works in complement with client’s existing warehouse which creates a cost-effective environment to store data in it’s original format and process both structured and unstructured data. Datalake unifies data storage, data discovery and data processing on an organization wide level and helps enterprises in discovery of new business definitions, insights, and analytics.

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