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Product Engineering and R&D

Customer Service today is not about providing a product or service, it is about creating an overall experience. The success of any business today is an outcome of differentiated and flawless customer experience. Rapidly evolving technologies, industry standards and end-user expectations are driving complexity in product features and delivery models. Greater automation, agility and innovation are crucial to deliver high quality products that are relevant and timely.


At NEC Technologies India (NTI) we engage with customers at every step of the product engineering process, from research and development to product development, maintenance and validation to help convert complex product vision into tangible designs that are scalable and successful. Our solutions, accelerators, and frameworks empower us to rapidly deliver world–class and cost-effective solutions. Overall product engineering portfolio covers services at every phase of product development.


Product Lifecycle:

At NTI the product goes through various stages of the product lifecycle from concept and prototyping, development and validation, maintenance to EoL and Re-engineering. Following is the summary of services provided by NTI at product engineering:

Our Product Lines Include:

Server and Storage

At NTI team is a major contributor in product development, enhancement and maintenance for enterprise and high end servers and storage solutions. NTI server team focuses on NEC server management and software development for rack and blade server. The storage team works on primary storage and secondary storage product development and maintenance.

NTI team is working on the following product lines: -

Reference Case Studies:

  • De - Duplication based storage solution: NTI team is developing and managing major part of this product in India with close collaboration with NEC. As of now more than 50% development and maintenance of this product is being managed at NTI.
  • Server Management: NTI team is participating in development and maintenance of few components of NEC'C Server Management System for Express 5800 series of servers.
  • SAN Storage : NTI team has establsihed a conformance and Certification Lab at its offshore location in India to provide services for NEC's m-series SAN storage products.


NTI team also provides specialized interoperability and conformance testing for NEC products in close collaboration with other OEM (HP, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Symantec etc.).


Data Carrier & Communication

NTI contributes to innovations in Software Defined Networks, Openflow and Virtualization Areas. Our services include Development and Maintenance of core network devices for data-com and telecom areas like Gigabit-Passive Optical Networks (PON), DSLAM, L2Switch, L3Switch, Router, and Firewall. Our services expanse is from data plane to control plan, switching protocols to Management protocols, and from verification to conformance. Our services also include Research and PoC to development around new network era – Software Defined Network (SDN) including Openflow and Programmable flow, Openstack and different overlay techniques in for data-centers and telecoms areas with virtualized environment. Effective usage of OSS and various tools and applications for efficient development has been the key focus area for NTI.


We have delivered more than 25 projects including networking related software developments for global market including network management software’s, FPGA implementation of data load balancer & open flow specifications, compliance verification of L2/L3 protocols and enhancements & maintenance of complex optical network solutions for major Japanese service providers. Research in Virtual-Switching area for performance optimization is one of the many R&D activities performed by the team.


Unified Communication

Growth in Global Unified Communication market is expected to continue in near future and NTI is fully geared to provide technical skills in this area like call control and management protocols, real time protocols, audio/video streaming and performance optimization, web based and mobile application development in unified communication area.


Major projects in this area are web based application development for call management; performance optimization using REST based APIs and verification of NEC’s popular PBX & IP-PBX solutions before world-wide launch of these products.


Consumer Devices

NTI has wide range of service offerings in consumer devices starting from product conceptualization and specifications definition to actual product development including hardware design, operating system porting, kernel enhancements, firmware development, performance optimization, device drivers porting and application development.


NTI team has successfully participated in more than 20 projects at various phases of consumer devices development. Major products include Thin Client, Home Automation System, Digital Signage, multi camera video streaming and applications for Android based Dual Screen Tablet.


NTI team has successfully participated in more than 20 projects at various phases of consumer devices development. Major products include Thin Client, Home Automation System, Digital Signage, multi camera video streaming and applications for Android based Dual Screen Tablet.

Virtualization, Cloud and Big Data:

NTI team offers a wide spectrum of services in cloud including private/public cloud creation, maintenance and support. The NTI team has in-depth knowledge of the cloud enabler technologies including Openstack and is contributing to the Openstack community as an active entity.

Transition of large product maintenance is always a challenge as the knowledge is generally not very well documented. NTI is uniquely positioned to manage this knowledge transition by integrating its knowledge transition framework with domain skills and offshore project management.


Transition planning starts with basis assessment and due diligence planning where top level plan is finalized for transition. As next step real transition work takes place, where KT is initiated and completed. There are various templates used to capture knowledge and validate it. Once transition is completed, steady state operations start.


Product Transition Framework:
The framework used by NTI for transition management:

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