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Space-Time Insight

Situational Intelligence - Real-time Visualization & Analytics Solution

Utilities embracing the “smart” revolution are facing challenges of managing massive volumes of data in various systems across their Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) infrastructures involved in daily activities, ranging from asset performance monitoring, outage management to network planning, investment planning, asset renewal and so on.

Based on NEC’s knowledge of utilities across APAC region, our utility customers also find it difficult when they are:

  • In search of detailed information about assets: too many disparate applications but lack a unifying searching method
  • Making quick and accurate decisions based primarily on data analytic capabilities: existing analytic functions are simple and still require personal experience for certain decisions
  • Sharing and collaborating with other colleagues across the enterprise: lack of common platform where all historical records and knowledge are visible and accessible for sharing and reuse.
NEC’s Situational Intelligence applications for utilities provide planning and operational insight by correlating, analyzing and visualizing IT, OT and external data sources spatially, over time and across network nodes. These applications deliver greater efficiency, safety, and reliability that not only address utilities’ concerns but also help them reduce cost, uncover revenue opportunities and deliver more reliable services to their customers.

NEC’s Situational Intelligence applications include:

  • Asset Intelligence
  • Distribution Intelligence
  • Demand Response Intelligence
  • AMI Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence

Key Benefits

Using Space-Time Insight’s patented spatial-temporal-nodal (STN) technology, Asset Intelligence analyzes and visualizes asset lifespan and risk, accurately predicts failure, and simulates the impact of asset replacement strategies.

An STN asset health index incorporates multiple characteristics such as statistical and heuristic analysis of asset failures, asset loading, gas analysis, field samples, temperature and weather, to provide actionable insight into the risk level of every asset.

  • Gain actionable insight into asset health, risk, life-span and performance
  • Improve asset planning for growth
  • Reduce risk of failure through advanced asset maintenance
  • Lower exposure to financial liability
  • More effective, efficient and reliable operations
  • Increase productivity with a comprehensive view of all assets on a single pane-of-glass

Key Features

Identify Assets at Risk of Failing

Asset risk accounts for the probability of asset failure and the consequences should failure occur. An asset’s risk level rises as it ages, but other factors also contribute to risk including location, usage, maintenance history and relation to other assets. Asset Intelligence calculates the true risk of assets and compares risk across all assets on your network. Knowing risk allows you to take proactive measures to repair or replace your high-risk assets.

Reduce Operational Expenses and Increase Reliability

Making operational decisions and taking actions based on actual risk levels helps you raise your operational excellence, address the root cause of problems, respond quickly to changing conditions and begin proactive maintenance. Asset Intelligence gives you easy-to-use tools that allow you to reduce spending on, and get more results from, your field services.

Accurate Planning and Improve CAPEX Efficiency

Capital investments are growing in response to aging infrastructure, new distributed and renewable energy sources, transformation of business models and customer retention. Asset Intelligence helps to create detailed, data-driven capital plans tied to the true risk of your assets, which assist investment planners make more accurate funding for important projects.

Seamless integration with asset management and other IT, OT and external systems

Asset Intelligence correlates any number of data sources into a single application, allowing colleagues across the enterprise to collaborate and view a single version of the true status of asset health and operations. With the ability to run on desktops, tablets and video walls, Asset Intelligence provides insights wherever your employees are.

Distribution Intelligence

NEC’s Distribution Intelligence provides electric distribution utilities with the insight needed to plan, operate and optimize a dynamic and bi-directional distribution grid supporting distributed energy resources. Unlike other distribution applications, this Utility 2.0 application is designed to optimize low-voltage networks and perform consumer-level DER optimization.
By using the Distribution Intelligence application, utilities are able to balance supply and demand across distributed and renewable generation; integrate new technology with aging infrastructure; and comply with new regulatory requirements and models. In doing so, utilities deliver the smart, clean, interactive energy system that 21st- century customers deserve and expect.

Demand Response Intelligence

Demand Response Intelligence helps utility companies protect revenues, improve management of demand-side assets and distributed energy resources, review and make an assessment of the electricity demand and available Battery capacity by region (spatial) or at a point in time (temporal) or a segment of a network (Nodal).

Key Features

  • Advanced analytics enable effective meter-to-cash analysis
  • Correlation and analysis of data across internal and external systems help detect fraud
  • Color-coded visualization of meter status improves detection of failures and response times
  • Correlation of meter events with distribution and communication networks improves operational insight
  • Root-cause analysis helps determine reasons for meter unresponsiveness
  • Visualization and analytics improve effectiveness of demand response programs

AMI Asset Intelligence

AMI Asset Intelligence for Electric & Gas Utilities application is designed to allow utilities to review and make an assessment of the health of the Meters by region (spatial) or at a point in time (temporal) or in a segment of a network (Nodal).


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