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Border Control Terminals

Automated Border Clearance

NEC has the world's best technology in the field of face and fingerprint recognition systems and the world's fastest processing software configuration. This provides clients with high-speed, minimally stressful clearance systems. Our biometrics immigration identification and clearance systems are used at Japanese and several other Asian international airports. NEC can tailor the biometrics (fingerprint, face, iris, and vein) recognition technology to create a perfect match for the client's requested gate design.

Fixed biometrics capturing terminal

This standard biometrics terminal captures passengers' fingerprints and facial images at security points in airports and seaports. It includes one or two fingerprint sensors, a monitor with built-in height-adjustable camera, built-in speakers that provide simple voice guidance, and a mirror.

Flexible biometrics capturing terminal

Designed for capturing the fingerprints and facial images of disabled people at airports and seaports, this terminal features compact dimensions and an adjustable height that make it ideal for use in small spaces. It features two compact fingerprint sensors, a detachable camera with built-in lamp, a flexible, height-adjustable 90cm arm (upper 60cm is adjustable) and USB hub.

Portable biometrics capturing terminal

Easy to carry and connect with notebook computers, this portable biometrics terminal is ideal for capturing fingerprints and facial images at seaports and aboard vessels not equipped with network equipment. It features an angle-adjustable camera, two fingerprint sensors and a mirror that allows passengers to check themselves before being photographed.

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