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Unified Infrastructure

IT and communications infrastructures have converged. Hardware and software need to work together efficiently to harness its inherent capabilities. An increasingly large percentage of employees do not fit the classic office-based stereotype. Mobile workers need access to business systems and be able to communicate regardless of location. Others will be based remotely, from satellite offices or from home.

Converged Voice & Data

IP is now widely accepted as the universal transport protocol for enterprise communications. The advancements in security and voice over IP (VoIP) reliability and quality along with the seamless integration of new WLANs and traditional LANs have provided the technical and business impetus to converge data, video, and voice networks into a single unified infrastructure.


  • Removes costs of maintaining separate networking infrastructure
  • Allows organizations to take advantage of cost savings of SIP trucking
  • Enabler towards unified communications and business process transformation

Service Oriented Communications

Service Oriented Communications (SOC) uses a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform to deploy software based communications services that can be called from other applications, making them communications-enabled.

NEC has extensive cross-platform integration skills (software and hardware platforms) and software development specialists able to utilize SOA components to help organizations gain real business benefit from re-architecting business systems with a view to streamlining business processes.

Open Interface (SIP)

The UNIVERGE open interfaces enable easy integration with relevant business applications and make a meaningful improvement to communication efficiency. Different interfaces can intervene on all layers of the Unified Business Communications model depending on the required integration.

NEC is providing several layers of interfaces including Communication Telephony Integration (CTI) and XML end-point software development kits (SDK's) as well as our Application Programming Interfaces (API's) for SIP, real-time call control and much more is available for our business and UPP partners.

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