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Unified Communications

UC brings voice, data, and video together and integrates them with business applications, for swifter response and better business.


Voicemail and email have been accepted communication methods for many years, each bringing its own benefits to the enterprise. However, traditionally they have been deployed as different applications… useful but very separate.

NEC's unified messaging environment offers employees a flexible way of working designed to perfectly match their needs. They can be reached easily and have control over their communications thus increasing efficiency and productivity while improving customer services. The unified messaging solutions truly answer the need to have an integrated centralized mailbox for every employee and more easily manage their communications.


  • Easy to use and convenient single user environment
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Reduced response time, facilitating faster decision making


In today's flexible and fast-moving business environment, employees are never in one place for very long while decisions often have to be taken quickly and on the spot. Staff is expected to respond to business demands not only from the office, but also while travelling and even while at home. With communications crucial to practically any field of activity, there is a need to stay in touch and be reachable in all circumstances.

Business Mobility benefits

  • Single number accessibility enabling you to be reached anytime and anywhere via a single telephone number
  • Better customer service due to the increase in employee productivity, responsiveness and collaboration
  • Use of wireless devices to address issues quickly through access to enterprise features like voicemail, directories, email, calendars and business specific applications
  • Cost savings for mobile employees by using the corporate telephony network


Presence is about being able to share one's availability status so everyone is aware of it and can act accordingly. It offers benefits to all parties in the potential communication session and provides instant visibility of availability, allowing an informed decision as to when and how to make contact with a colleague or partner. It also provides a means of controlling availability and preferences as to whom, when and by what method others can make contact. Presence management removes the crude barriers created by voicemail and email, replacing these by a much granular level of control.

Our all-in-one Unified Communications suite Business ConneCT offers all the advanced communications functionality you need, including call control and group information, voicemail, directory services, operator and call routing.


  • Increased efficiency in communication
  • Reduced decision making lead-times
  • Improved collaboration
  • Control of availability


It gives enterprises the opportunity to empower people and to make the organisation work more efficiently internally and with its customers and partners, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Because the costs associated with business travel are high, giving employees the ability to conduct online multimedia presentations and meetings offers one of the simplest ways to reduce the need for travel while still enabling individuals from geographically diverse locations to connect.

NEC's solutions encourage collaboration by providing your employees the means to work together securely. It provides tools that enable you to work with partners, suppliers and customers to shorten decision cycles, improve information sharing and increase the speed of your business.


Conferencing comes in various forms - video, voice and even with new forms of media such as instant messaging. On their own each has benefits and limitations. The general benefits of conferencing are quite clear - group communications without the need to incur the costs (financial and time) and hassle of travelling.


  • Reduced costs in terms of travel and time
  • Improved understanding and productivity
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased efficiency and convenience

Contact Center

The perception of a contact center is often a large single location, filled with call handling agents. But with the latest technologies, contact centre applications are far more and can be integrated into the organizations activities and business applications, supporting specific functions and interactions.

Our contact center solutions can be deployed in either a centralized or distributed manner, and utilize intelligent routing to ensure inbound contacts – no matter whether it be email, fax, website enquiry, or other messaging methods - are directed to the most appropriate individual or group based on skills and competencies.

In addition, contact centre technologies can be applied to outbound activities such as up-selling to an existing customer base, acquiring new customers, debt collection and for a wide variety of other purposes.

NEC's customer interaction centers support these interactions by guiding your customers to the best-suited agent; hence reduce waiting times; improving staff productivity and motivation. It also helps companies to manage their contact centers staffing and service levels. Your customers become the VIP they really are.


  • Improved customer satisfaction by single point of contact; one number or one e-mail address; automated attendant
  • First time contact guidance to the best-suited agent; hence reduce waiting times and lost calls
  • As a way of generating new sources of revenue, maximizing customer loyalty and optimizing customer services
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and motivation for your staff and control over cost and service level

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