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Business Process Management


Roles within the organization, business community and personal preferences determine the communication methods and media chosen in a virtual network space creation. Our goal is to connect people with other people and with the information that they need. This allows them to make faster, better-informed decisions from anywhere, at any time, using practically any brand or type of device and equipment.

With the number of applications and communications devices available to businesses today, communication should be faster and more efficient than in the past. Users must often navigate a complex series of steps to determine the best way to get through to a representative or colleague. A caller may be forced to leave several messages on several devices to ensure that the message is delivered.


Business processes can be managed by automated workflow management tools. Processes can be defined and automated actions created to alert co-workers or managers, request approvals, or initiate further processes

Workflow functionality can be implemented with document management and collaborative applications (including service-oriented Web 2.0 applications) to improve productivity and manage business processes more effectively.

Graphical mapping of processes can be integrated within the architecture. Communications enablement of the solution adds a further productivity dimension

Business process Integration

As customers in number of industry sectors are discovering, NEC's three levels of unification provide the unique communications enabled-business processes for true Unified Business.

Using adaptive business and application-layer software tools based on an employee's role is a nascent concept in the industry.

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