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The ultimate IP DECT communication devices for voice, text messaging and in-house mobility

On-site Wireless telephony on your IP Network

True mobility across for your organization

In today's business environment you want to offer employees a flexible way of working, while increasing customer service. You want to extend the reach of your voice network but also save on branch office costs. You want to optimize the use of your converged network and offer feature transparency between the wired and wireless world. You want to extend VoIP to the wireless world without any compromise in voice quality, availability and security.

With Business Mobility IP DECT, a single converged network provides both fixed and wireless telephony. Your mobile voice network can easily integrate with applications as they are part of the same network infrastructure. Wireless telephony in a multi-site company or large campus environment is a matter of installing IP DECT Access Points at remote locations, with no need for additional remote equipment. These remote locations become an integral part of your centralized mobile voice communication infrastructure.

Your mobile workforce can profit from a range of handsets that provide basic voice communication up to very sophisticated functionality and work together with messaging systems, such as nurse call systems in hospitals

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