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Features DT730
Display Display size 224×96 dot matrix grayscale
LCD backlit
Optional 2nd display for DESI-less
Characters × Lines Alphanumeric: 28×6 (7×16font) or 34×8 (6×12font)
DESI-less line key display area: 12×1 & icon/line key
Tiltable Yes
Keypad Backlit keypad Yes
Line keys 12, 24, 32 DESI-less: 8 x 4 pages
Softkeys 4, help, exit
Cursor keys Yes
Built In
XML Open Interface Yes
Personal directory Yes
System directory Yes
Corporate directory Yes
Call history Yes
Sound Full duplex hands-free Yes
Downloadable ring tone Yes
Downloadable hold music Yes
CODEC G.711, G.729A, G.722
Recording adapter Yes
Gigabit Ethernet Yes
PSTN survivable adapter Yes
AC adapter (option) 27V 750mA
Security Authentication Yes
Encryption Yes
Security button Yes
Maintenance Auto-Configuration Yes
Network Management Yes
Other Headset support Yes
Adapter 802.3af or AC
Wall mountable capability Yes
Integrated 2-port Ethernet switch Yes
Characteristics Dimension (w×d×h) 12D/24D: 179×258×112 mm
32D (24D+8LK): 205.8×258×112 mm
DESI-less: 179×264×112 mm
Weight (approx. kg.) 12D/24D: 1.2 kg
32D (24D+8LK): 1.3 kg
DESI-less: 1.3 kg
Power (excl. options)
(Ethernet IEEE802.3af)
12D/24D: 6.49 W
DESI-less: 6.49 W

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