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IP DECT Wireless Handset G955

Sophisticated voice and messaging for mobile office users

The DECT handset G955 is a sophisticated wireless handset for use in professional office environments providing the mobile user the optimum in mobility, accessibility, flexibility and comfort.
The DECT handset G955 brings mobile communication for DECT users to the highest level:

  • An appealing design and intuitive user interface
  • Colour display and icon based menu for ease of use
  • Scratch-protected user design
  • Provides valuable information to the user, reducing central directory access, personal phone book and calendar entries
  • Enhanced comfort and flexibility by adding options such as a Bluetooth headset
  • Gives users full control over their accessibility
  • Provides many call control features seamlessly integrated with the PBX
  • DECT compliance for high quality speech and security
  • Provides an excellent communications device for organizations that rely on messaging or alarm information sent to employees, such as in hospitals and hotel environments
  • Is easy to service and maintain

The DECT handset G955 satisfies the most advanced requirements for voice and message communications in a business environment providing mobility, flexibility and accessibility, without compromising on comfort and ease of use.

At a Glance

  • Appealing design, easy to use handset
  • Increased accessibility
  • Flexibility, comfort and mobility
  • Additional freedom with Bluetooth headset
  • High-end mobile communications device for voice and messaging
  • Reduced communication and maintenance costs
  • A simple, secure, feature rich solution
DECT Handset: IP DECT G955
Call handling features:
  • Auto answer
  • Calling name display
  • Calling Line (CLIP) display / digits
Yes / 24
  • Call logging / size
Yes / 50
Headset / Bluetooth Yes / Yes
Built-in vibrator Yes
Charger rack Yes
Corporate Directory Yes
Triple Frequency band Yes
IP Classification IP20
Location detection Yes (prepared)
Loudspeaker Yes
Man-down alarm No
Memory card Yes, optional
Messaging (LRMS) Yes
Messaging broadcast Yes
Multiple subscription DECT systems Yes (8)
Personal Phone book Yes
Number of contacts: 200
SOS-key / alarm Yes

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