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Aspila Topaz

Intelligent hybrid system

The affordable, expandable solution for expanding small and medium business Aspila Topaz is a cutting edge digital key telephone system that accommodates immediate and emerging business requirement of the small and medium enterprises (SME's), small offices and home offices (SOHOs). The scalable intelligent telecommunication tool is designed to effectively and cost-efficiently meet the increasing needs of growing SME's and SOHO's.

Key Notes

  • Full Hybrid interface
  • Scalable (max 27 CO and 72 exts)
  • Digital system
  • LAN (RJ45)/ COM port (RS232) connectivity
  • Fully Utilizes programmable keys & functions (key phone)
  • ISDN (PRI / BRI) Support
  • Built-in Caller ID Detection and Transmission to SLT
  • Built-in DISA
  • Hotel / Motel features
  • Integrated VRS (Auto-Attendant) / Voice Mail

The Aspila Topaz system provides simple Hotel/Motel feature in addition to other features for business use.

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