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Univerge SV8500

With the UNIVERGE SV8500 Communications Server, NEC has realized the promised potential of IP telephony through a forward-looking, highly efficient system that provides the investment protection required by today's enterprise. It embodies NEC's UNIVERGE®360 commitment to unifying communications by providing a flexible, scalable solution that uses open standards, a large pool of compatible applications, and mobility options to meet each user's needs.

The SV8500 is also the premier IP communications server for regional and global expansion, worker mobility and environmental responsibility. It offers an extensive IP feature set in a flexible, scalable, secure package that ensures business continuity and provides the means to simplify business processes

The SV8500 can be incorporated into networks that contain SV7000 and/or NEAX2400 systems to provide a path to IP. The SV8500’s interoperability enables it to protect your investment in previous products such as the NEAX 2400 ICS, IMX and IPX. Using both FCCS (Fusion) and CCIS networking for seamless integration, the SV8500 can be networked with other NEC products, including the NEAX 2000, the SV8100 and the SV8300. Also the SV8100 and the SV8300 can be integrated as Survivable media gateway of SV8500 system for Large Enterprise Communication Network scenarios, thus offering high performance, high resilience single image intelligent communication network. Further it provides the customer with a broad range of server/gateway options to address needs at the edge of the network.

In server gateway architecture NEC SV8500 acts as a main server and NEC SV8300 & SV8100 acts as Remote Gateways.

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