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Business Connect & Unified Communications

All-in-one Contact Center, Operator and Unified Communications solution.

NEC developed Business ConneCT as its all-in-one Unified Communications solution which allows employees to switch between various roles in the company: Contact Center Agent, Operator and Desktop User (Employee). The solution is based on state of the art Microsoft® .Net technology, runs on a single server while users can access the features on their PC desktop or telephone (mobile, DECT terminals).

  • One solution for Employees, Operators and Contact Center
  • Improves efficiency, flexibility and productivity of your employees
  • Single point of contact for your customers, 24/7
  • Reduces waiting times and lost calls
  • Affordable Unified Communications
  • Facilitates mobile and home workers
  • Supports all NEC PBX platforms and terminals
  • Multilingual announcements and user interface
  • Monitor and improve your business process
  • Secure, instant and mobile messaging
  • Rich presence management and directories
  • Integrates with Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Office
  • Single server, single install and easy to manage
  • Minimal user training

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