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NEC Install Series Projectors

Fixed Installation Multimedia Projectors

Installation Projector - NP3250/NP2250/NP1250/NP3250W

Easy stacking function with a maximum of four projectors enables higher brightness projection cost-effectively. Networkable projectors supporting Windows Vista. Cinematic video powered by HQV (Hollywood Quality Video).

  • High brightness projection with Easy Stacking Function
  • Support for Windows Media Connect and Shared Folder
  • Networkable projectors supporting Windows Vista
  • Cinematic video powered by HQV (Hollywood Quality Video)
  • The projector supports wired/wireless LAN
  • Picture-in-Picture and Side-by-Side function
  • Five types of optional lenses available for Flexible installation
  • Manual lens shift for simple adjustment of projected images on screen and Keystone correction
  • Multiple input/output terminals including DVI (digital) , BNC, and built-in stereo speakers

Installation Projector - PA600X/PA550W/PA500U

Multimedia Installation Projectors in India

Five types of optional lenses and a wide lens shift range provides improved flexibility of your installation.

  • Lens shift function for easily adjusting the position of the projected image
  • Five types of optional lenses available for flexible installation
  • Test pattern display that is convenient for screen adjustments
  • 3D REFORM function corrects keystone distortion
  • 360° installation angle (tilt-free) that enables vertical projection.
  • Various functions that support specialized installation requirements
  • Five types of optional lenses available for flexible installation
  • Considering the environment and offering simple maintenance contributes to a reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Compatible with diverse image sources and network control, with a commitment to reproducing high quality images

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