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Professional LCD Display Boards, Monitors

Professional Displays

Professional LCD Display Boards & Monitors

NEC's LCD Display Boards and monitors provide crystal clear images and the ultimate visual experience in any type of settings. Regardless of viewing distance, they offer optimum display resolution, flexible installation opportunities – as well as energy-saving technology, great safety features and more…

Designed for vibrant and colourful visualization, NEC’s LCD Display series with LED backlight technology is ideal for auditoriums, reception areas, retail stores, control and meeting rooms, museums, broadcast studios, airports and railway stations.

NEC offers customized Digital Display Solutions that are the best displays in India to match market’s needs under a single brand – including hardware & software and broadband distribution. This simplifies workflows through a single point of contact– right from quotation to implementation, maintenance and upgrade.

Fully Customized with Full Installation Support

To ensure you get a fully customized Digital Display Solution, NEC provides the best displays in India. They complete designing and planning services plus post installation support. This allows you to focus more productively on your business without any worries. And as your business needs and digital display technologies evolve over time, your Digital Display Boards can be easily modified and expanded.

LCD Display Board / Monitor Series

  • Value Series
    High quality, cost effective Display Board / Monitor series with an in-built expansion slot, providing flexibility, functionality and ease-of-installation…
  • Professional Series
    Thin and light full HD Display Board / Monitor series in a range of viewable sizes (40", 46", 55", 70"), ideal for 24/7 digital signage applications…
  • Super Slim Series
    Super-slim, large screen Display Board / Monitor series with white LED backlight technology for horizontal, vertical and face-up installation, and a lower cost of ownership…

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