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Engineering Services

NEC helps manufacturers optimize their investments by aligning IT with core business processes and strategic goals. NEC leverages its world-class expertise to develop specialized solutions that shift the focus from managing technologies to managing your core business.

The Manufacturing Solutions Practice at NEC India works with customers to assess their needs and provides specialized solutions that have the ability to ramp up production, improve responsiveness to market demand, as well as decrease the time-to-market, cost of goods sold and inventory. NEC offers a portfolio of integrated solutions and product lifecycle services that can be tailored to the needs of the manufacturers.

With the help of technology in the manufacturing sector, organizations around the world are innovating more than ever before. Factors like time to market, optimizing the R&D investments, reducing the product development costs and increasing the production efficiency have become key factors for success in an organization. There is a huge need for increasing efficiency and achieving excellence in engineering.

NEC has been executing various CAD Support and PLM Support projects with various clients across the globe and has also been actively involved in the development of various modules. In addition to this, there is an existing SI partnership with UGS (Siemens) to develop Industry specific solutions & customizations.

From Design and Styling to the Production phase, the team has done extensive work on all stages of Product Life cycle. The vast in house experience also leads to optimization of the PLM applications as per customer needs that are demonstrated at various projects.

The Engineering services team at NEC India focuses on providing the similar services to the clients in India, with the support of NEC Japan & other subsidiaries.

Nature of Services offered

NEC India's engineering services team works on various areas that fall under the vehicle/product development life cycle in the manufacturing/engineering domain.

The following services are offered to manufacturing and automotive OEM's.

Product Lifecycle Management Solutions

  • Business Consulting
  • PLM Tool Benchmarking
  • PLM Implementation and Customization
  • PLM Support and maintenance

Product Engineering Solutions

  • Concept to Design Engineering
  • Knowledge based design automation
  • Product Design analysis & Development (CAE)
  • Product engineering tools support & Training

Plant Solutions

  • Plant communication network
  • Digital manufacturing solutions
  • MRP Solutions
  • Plant support system development

CAD security Solutions

  • Security Log analysis
  • Info trace

The NEC India Engineering services team is ably supported by the Global NEC members across various countries like Japan, Europe, USA, Vietnam and other Asian countries. The members undergo regular training on the latest technologies & share project information /guidance with the other NEC members.

Our value proposition

Key Parameters NEC India
Resource Cost
  • 30-50% lesser cost than the traditional Indian IT vendors
Global Support
  • Support of NEC Group (Japan / US / EU / Asia Pacific etc) without extra cost to the customer
  • Global Alliance with Siemens / PTC
  • Strong support from Automotive division of NEC
  • Minimal attrition rates
Resource quality
  • Highly Trained resource with strong educational background and a good skill set
Support to Automotive
  • Focus on serving Automotive companies in India, supported by strong NEC Culture
  • Expertise in the current processes & Knowhow
Strong knowledge of
PDM/PLM IT process
  • Strong Delivery & Functional knowledge of PDM/PLM projects for Automotive domain
  • Been a part of Engineering Services projects for clients based out of Europe, India & Japan

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