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Public Cloud Computing

Cloud Services for the Social Infrastructure

NEC promotes the shift to intelligent social infrastructures with the aim of realizing enhanced safety, security and eco-friendliness. By providing IT and network systems, we aim to streamline the production/ consumption activities of individuals, enterprise and government. Through our social cloud solutions for example preventing the loss electricity and easing congestion, we would support our clients to realize a safer and securer society.

We acknowledge the social cloud in the following three categories:
- Optimization of the Daily Lives of Individuals,
- Enhancement of Local Community Platform, and
- Improvement of Global Ecosystems.

Optimization of the Daily Lives of Individuals

This category includes issues such as medical care, nursing care, food, education and government. We offer mass-customized services that are continually optimized for the benefit of individuals and support those in the real world.
Also, we provide a solution for regional medical linkage service, and demonstration is available in the newly opened Cloud Plaza.

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