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E-RAN RN-310 Radio Node

E-RAN RN-310 Radio Node

High Performance Multi-Access 3G & 4G Small Cell for Scalable Indoor and Venue Deployments

The RN-310 is an integrated multi-access UMTS and LTE Small Cell with Self-Organizing Networks (SON) Capability.

As the demand for mobile broadband accelerates, mobile network operators need to efficiently utilize both UMTS and LTE technologies, without creating new network complexity. NEC’s scalable small cell system, called an Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN), hides the complexity of radio management and mobility and provides operators with a single touch point to aggregate and manage a large network of UMTS, LTE, and multi-access (UMTS and LTE) small cells.


UMTS Radio

Each RN-310 supports up to 32 simultaneous UMTS voice and data channels; a peak downlink rate of 21 Mbps and a peak uplink rate of 5 Mbps. E-RAN implements receive diversity for superior uplink performance and implements soft handovers.


LTE Radio
Each RN-310 supports up to 32 active LTE users and 128 RRC_Connected Users. When used with 20 MHz channel bandwidth, it supports a peak downlink rate of 150 Mbps and a peak uplink rate of 50 Mbps.


Self Organizing
The Radio Node implements SON capability by listening to other Radio Nodes within the E-RAN and neighboring LTE, UMTS, and GSM macro cells in multiple frequency bands, and performing continuous self-optimization to provide high-quality radio coverage and mobility.


Easy to Install
E-RAN Radio Nodes can be installed on walls or ceilings. Both network connectivity and power are provided over Ethernet. The Radio Node has no fans and is completely convection cooled. Antennas are built-in for both UMTS and LTE.


RN-310 utilizes on-chip Trusted Platform Module (TPM) functions to implement secure boot, and establish certificate-based IPsec tunnel to the E-RAN Services Node for all UMTS and LTE traffic. There is no management or console port on the Radio Node, and the Radio Node can be physically locked to prevent theft.



  1. Multi-access Small Cell supporting concurrent UMTS and LTE operation
  2. Multiple FDD band combinations
  3. 32 UMTS channels, 32 active LTE users, 128 LTE RRC_Connected users
  4. 21/5 Mbps peak DL/UL UMTS throughput
  5. 150/50 Mbps peak DL/UL LTE throughput
  6. Deployable over existing Ethernet switching infrastructure (VLAN)
  7. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+)
  8. Wall and ceiling mountable
  9. Certificate-based authentication with E-RAN Services Node

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