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NEC changes its corporate brand message to "Orchestrating a brighter world"

For immediate use July 1, 2015-

NEC has changed its corporate brand message (Brand Statement) from "Empowered by Innovation" to "Orchestrating a brighter world."

Orchestrating a brighter world

Aiming to ensure that its customers and partners have a deeper understanding of its Solutions for Society, NEC unveiled "Orchestrating a brighter world" as its new brand message in June last year*1.

NEC made this change in Brand Statement to broadly expand the scope of "Orchestrating a brighter world" as the corporate brand message, not only as a business brand.

We set forth "Empowered by Innovation" as our corporate brand message in 2001 as an expression of our commitment to empowering people and society through continuous innovation in all areas of our businesses, fueled by our infinite passion for innovation and our customer-focused spirit of collaboration.

Staying true to this mindset, while at the same time incorporating the strong desire of the NEC Group to collaborate closely with partners and customers around the world to orchestrate new value and enable people to live richer and brighter lives, now and in the future, we will be from now on deploying "Orchestrating a brighter world" as our new corporate brand message.

Orchestrating a brighter world.

Likewise, we will also be using the "Orchestrating Curve," which has been designed from the baton’s movement as a motif to symbolize the NEC Group’s leadership role as a Social Value Innovator, in our websites, advertisements, catalogs, business cards, and other communication tools. The "Orchestrating Curve" is an expression of the NEC Group’s desire to collaborate closely with customers, partners, and other members of society in orchestrating and realizing a pliant and highly sustainable "brighter world."

Going forward, NEC will further reinforce its initiatives and proposals to customers in accordance with the seven themes for social value creation in line with the major changes facing economies and societies around the world (megatrends), as announced in November last year*2, and endeavor to actualize the orchestration of a brighter world.



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NEC's Solutions for Society

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