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Manufacturing Solutions – Our Difference

  • Customers trust in NEC Brand
    NEC is a global manufacturer with over 100 yrs of history. Our know-how in manufacturing and expert knowledge about how to best utilize IT Solutions for manufacturing are transferred to our customers through our services and products.
  • Access to a wide range of IT solutions available from NEC family and our partners
    NEC provides various hardware/software solutions globally. Our customers can take advantage of the thoroughness and efficiency of our integrated system solutions tailored to their unique manufacturing needs.


  • Strong partnership/investment relationship
    NEC customers can enjoy access to these unique capabilities through our solution services. Also, combined geographical presence saves service response time and cost.


IFS - One of the world's leading ERP software companies. Their innovative modular construction allows their solutions to be tailored to each customer's manufacturing environment with drastically reduced cost and shorter ramp-up time, making it the ERP solution of choice for manufacturers. NEC invests in IFS.


ABeam Consulting - One of the top management consulting firms in Japan, derived from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu's Japanese consulting practice. Our customers can enjoy ABeam expertise in Business Process Improvement. NEC is the majority share holder of ABeam.

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