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How to enhance quality of care while at the same time improving your hospital's operational efficiency? This is the key challenge confronting every health care provider today. On the one hand you face constantly rising patient expectations, while on the other you are required to respond to greatly intensified pressures on your budgets and staff. Is your hospital information system working to provide optimally effective healthcare? Does it ensure secure, easy access to patient information and smooth communications among patients, nurses, therapists, and doctors, both on site, and at remote locations? And, just as important, is it achieving these goals within your budget?

Only NEC can offer tailored solutions that will transform your healthcare organization through a state-of-the-art synergy of voice and data communications, networks and data storage solutions. Our solutions will improve the quality of care you provide and dramatically reduce healthcare delays. Robust, fault-tolerant systems will ensure continuous availability and access to information for the people who need it most and precisely where it is most effective. You will find that our advanced communications solutions enable you to address and resolve critical challenges across the board. You will be able to ensure the highest possible quality care, enhance the patient experience, improve staff efficiency and ability to co-operate, control your costs and optimize infrastructure investments.

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