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Surveillance for CIP

NEC provides integrated surveillance solution for important facilities such as seaports and airports.

NEC's high sensitivity cameras provide the first indication of intrusion and breaches in security. They can capture color images even in the dark and are thus useful in preventing smuggling and illegal entry at important facilities such as seaports, power plants, and airports. Detecting intrusions into and security breaches of critical infrastructures is important in averting major security incidents.

NEC's integrated surveillance solution can monitor images and give warnings at the same time. This is made possible by integrating an intruder detection system into the CCTV system. The detection system uses image analysis technology. The platform enables fine movement control of the high sensitivity cameras and has multi-access capabilities that permit real-time sharing of images with remote stations. If an environmental or procedural irregularity occurs, security personnel are quickly alerted through centralized management and behavior detection solutions.

CCTV Surveillance

High sensitivity CCTV (closed-circuit television) and infrared cameras can be used to detect intruders, unidentified objects, unusual behavior, fire or any types of environmental abnormality. Since high sensitivity color cameras can produce color images even under faint lighting conditions, the object's temperature does not affect the clarity of the image; this enables identifying human objects and recognizing names and signs on hulls of ships on seas even at night time. Human objects located more than a few kilometers away can be detected by choosing the appropriate lenses.

Integrated Management Solution

Integrated security solutions all feed into a central control center. Modular surveillance technologies can be connected to NEC's integrated management solution, which provides centralized management of access control, CCTV cameras, and facility alarms. By enabling centralized management of alarm logs and image data as well as simultaneous access from mobile terminals, it can serve as an effective tool for analyzing problems, making it more than just a surveillance solution.

Intrusion Detection

Fiber optic sensors detect vibrations or pressure caused by potential intruders. They are valuable for monitoring fences, floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs. Also, even in the absence of physical boundaries, the image recognition system is capable of logically inferring the area for surveillance, enabling more comprehensive intrusion detection.

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